Now Playing Food and Liquor : Food For Thought- REAL

My bro said he wanted something REAL real real real …
He said something he could recognize, something he could FEEL feel feel feel….
Baby girl said she was in the mood for something REAL real real real…
Something that could revitalize something that would HEAL heal heal heal…

Sometimes can be disguised as lust.
She said, “That’s why it’s hard for her to trust.

He said, “Really all I want to do is thrust.
And after I’m done, leave her feeling crushed.

All the tears from her eyes, made her heart rust.
So give up on these boys is a must.

Let them do dirt with the devil, chasing after dust.
Don’t give it up,
make a fuss,
have enough, just be tough…..

That’s why my momma said she wanted something REAL real real real….
Something she could be proud of something she could FEEL feel feel feel….
She told me people aint use to having something REAL real real real….
And When they finally get it, they don’t know how to FEEL feel feel…

Is not promised, so we gotta watch our ways,
But at the same time make the most of your days.

One bad decision could forever with you stay
And your future, your past would delay.

In this life, our people are nothing but the devils prey.
That’s why I thank him for waking me up everyday .

So my past could be cleared, and I empty my cache,
If life is Grey,
On your knees, just pray,
Turn April showers into flowers of May.

That’s why, when I write I gotta give them something REAL real real real…
I say It four times, just so you know how I FEEL feel feel feel…
They give them a bunch of lies and teach them that it’s REAL real real real…
So fake is all they know, that’s all that they FEEL feel feel feel…

Real- Is a thrown around status that many claim, but know nothing of. Real doesn’t exist without a relationship with God and yourself. In order to be real with yourself, you must first be real with God, and to be real with anyone else, you must be real with yourself. But most importantly being real is accepting your flaws no matter what they may be and not running from them …

This poem was inspired by Lupe Fiasco – Real from his Food And Liquor

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