Intoxicated Indoctrination

I’m thinking to myself what a cold world we live in
And they leave me with no jacket, I’m shaking and I’m Shivering

Frostbite, glaciers, and icicles, sharpshooting pains in my Brett heart
It’s like I’m down for the count, but the referee won’t start.

So I’m just lying… in my bed, lost in my mind.
I’m just wondering, if being me is really such a crime?

Telling me I’m not real you’re just so fake.
But is it really that you don’t know me, and you just cannot relate

It’s like we get criticized for doing what’s not expected.
And since I’m not how you want me to be, you just can’t accept it

It seems like I suffer, for doing what’s in my head
And I thought we were Mature enough to brush off what some someone said.

Oops my mistake, I guess the child in you will always show up.
And despite your drinking age I guess you’ll always fail to grow up.

Your emotions in that bottle and you expect for me to pour up.
When I have mines already, and I mix it with yours and then I throw up.

Damn, what happened to that relationship we once had
She said I changed, and times change, and I was just a fad

I guess we ask for things that we aren’t use to, so we don’t keep it
I just hope that since I’m gone, you don’t tell anyone my secrets…….

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