New Year New YOU

When you think of a new year, you think of New Years resolutions. Goal setting is great, and I love that we take the time to self relfect and attempt to commit to goals, but you know… I can’t help but think we leave some things out every year. With social media continuing to influence how we interact with friends and even strangers. It can even subconciously effect your behaviors. Thats why I wanted to come into the new year with ways I believe can help life this year be more enjoyable and fruitful.

First let me start of by saying YOU are the focus of this year. One thing we can all benefit from is finding happiness within ourselves. Relationships can be beautiful. Friendships can be grand. But you dont want to be dependent on others for your happiness. Many people know this already, but its never a bad time to remind you to take care of you first. Take the time to treat yourself. Give yourself positve affirmations. Self-care is important and to me is the number one way to make sure you are ready and prepared for a fruitful year.

but in saying that…
Be honest with who you are and who you are not. You really dont gain much in the end by faking the funk. You only really can grow when you can keep it 100 about yourself with your positives and your negatives. This is how you set realistic expectations and goals as well as giving yourself room to grow.

Now on to what you should do with the people around you..

MIND YOUR BUSINESS! We always got something to say and always have an opinon on things at the worse of times. I love that we can connect with people, but we tend to always have negative feelings toward others about things that dont impact our lives at all. Yea twitter threads can give us laughs for hours, but some people genuinely take things to heart, that dont impact them at all. Or we go out our way to find somebody to piss off. Minding your business can go a long way. My rule of thumb is, if it doesnt harm anyone or impacts your life in anyway, no need to be mad at what others do, or how they live their lives. Let folks enjoy things.

Sometimes we let what we see from others are on social media effect our thinking and moods. Many people can sink in self pitty when they compare their lives to others. Just remember everyone has their own journey and whats for you will come Setting goals and focusing on you can help you obtain things you actually want. Its ok to fall off social media if you feel it effecting your mood. Its ok to have those feelings, but give youself room and space to process those feelings.

In closing, I think one important thing we can all do is to enjoy what life has to offer. I think we worry so much, stress so much, and pay attention to the wrong things, tha we forget to enjoy what life can bring. If you dont have a hobby, look into one. Try something new or talk to a stranger in a safe setting. That thing you said you were gonna do, just take a leap of faith and do it. Its ok to be a little selfish when it comes to your happiness. When you give to yourself, its a little easier to give to others. One month down and for some it was a long one. Lets hit the rest of 2020 in the chin…

Comment some tips you have to make sure your year is fruitful and fun?

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