Refined Minds : A Call to Arms


“On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown was unjustly shot and killed in Ferguson, M.O by a police officer.

Confused about a course of action for a storyline we know too well, members of Black Greek Letter Organizations decided to join forces.

Our aim is to reclaim our communities and advance justice.

We are Refined Minds.”

400 plus years a slave, and things still haven’t changed. One by one, in a nation where they claim ” liberty and Justice for all”, injustice plagues the nation, and it is time to cure that sickness. It can be done, but it will take a sense of cultural pride, a genuine care for each other, and positive support. We must focus this anger into action and not just words. No more temporary sadness, impulsive rage, and stagnant bitterness. Focus all of that into action, and be the change that you want to see! Yes black on black violence is prevalent, but that is a result of 400 plus years of conditioning and strategic planning to oppress and also not the issue at hand. We once came together , and slowly but surely, we have separated ourselves again. Living in a country where the life of a canine, is more important than the life of a black man, we can’t afford to be careless or detached. Parents raise your sons, women love, and support these men, because these streets and this system shows no mercy or love. Parents protect your daughters, men love, respect and cherish these women. These are the future backbones of our people, protect them so they can protect you! We need to educate, and continue to have a thirst for knowledge. Our ancestors gave us the blueprint of what they expected us to carry out in the present. We need to expand on that blueprint in order for the future generation to thrive. “Bring Back Our Culture”, Bring back Black Wall Street. Take pride in who you are. Support your brethren. Support the black business owners, support our future , lawyers, judges, nurses, doctors, social workers and all others who can in turn support the struggle that has existed for centuries. Don’t talk about it be about it! Every person has the power to invoke change. It’s time we refine the minds of this nation, and remind them and most importantly ourselves, that black lives matter, all lives matter, and we are fed up with the injustice. Wether its the Malcolm X approach or the Dr. Martin Luther King approach, it’s time to invoke positive change. They tried to bury our ancestors, not knowing they were seeds. Now it’s time for us to be the water that grows the tree of our future …

One thought on “Refined Minds : A Call to Arms

  1. this was beautifully written. It was right and on time. We have so much power as members of BGLOs and it’s time to unite to use them to improve our communities! I love this movement. Let me know if I can be of any help!


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