Marvel Music Monday V5

When I think of old school hip hop, I think of music I can chill and nod my head to. Music that can put me in a reflective mood where I can enjoy a great vibe. Midnight Marauders is the very definition of that type sound. A tribe called quest provides listeners with mellow rhymes over a large array of dope beats. For an album to have one classic joint on its track list is a feat in its own but to have multiple is a rarity. Here on this project we have, Award tour, Electric Relaxation, and my personal favorite with they hypest MC ever on the Hook , Oh My God. If you are looking for old school rhymes to chill out max and relax all cool too this is one of the best albums you could pick to do so.

We all know who the friendly neighborhood web slinger is, and this will not be the last time he appears on a variant cover. He was on the last one as an avenger, so I will keep it brief. With the alternative universes and different earths, this time, let me go into the peter parker of this comic series and where he is in his life at the moment. The Amazing Spider-Man takes place after another comic series you should look into called the Secret Wars. Here is where the twist comes in. We are used to Peter Parker being poor, and we are quite reminded of it pretty often. Well guess what, He has channeled his inner Steve Jobs, and became a successful tech business man. This in turn led to Spider-Man becoming somewhat of a Tony Stark, as he is seen traveling the world with women on his arm, and using the latest technology and gadgets. This variant cover mirrors and shows some of the people he will interact with during the comic series. People like Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, Agents of Shield, and some villains as well.

Despite his new fortune, Peter Parker still focuses on the life lesson he learned from dear old Uncle Ben about great power and all that. Peter Parker mirrors A Tribe Called Quest in this regard. Despite their recent success, they adapt and yet still aim to give back to the people. A Tribe Called Quest stated that this album was about unity, hence the reason for the 71 hip hop artist on the cover. They wanted everyone involved, since they were in an era of Gangsta rap and feuds. Peter is no stranger to the promotion of Unity, in which Parker Industries is an extension of his want to make the world a better place. Peter uses his Tech to better the world, while A Tribe Called Quest uses their music and messages to influence the community they care about while trying to give positive vibes.

A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders

Amazing Spiderman Online Comic

We’re not here to build a fortune. We’re here to build the future. We live in a time where heroes save the world every day. But what are they saving it for? – Peter Parker-

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