Marvel Music Monday V6

Sigh… smh… those were my actions once I saw I had to listen to Pink Friday for this series. There was a time when I was excited to hear Nicki.  It was around 2007, when I heard a track called coochie shop.   She was dope to me and thennnn the Harajuku barbie madness started. I always pride myself on being open to listen to new music but this S*** here N**** THIS S*** RIGHT HERE N**** !! This made me stand on what I said about being open to all music,word to beanz. I listened to pink Friday on shuffle so I could really make myself listen…. No I’m lying,  I listened on shuffle so I wouldn’t listen to Eminem’s verse on Roman’s Revenge for an hour. But enough jokes let’s get it to it. Besides the crazy delivery nicki had on this joint, as the songs changed,  I was able to see a theme growing. Nicki made this album for the ladies obviously, but I can see how her fan base grew so rapidly.  Nick laid down verses to give chicks that feeling yeah I am that B**** and all you other B**** is my sons. * one of the most infamous lines on this joint.  Although Nicki raps with that independent mindset for most of the album, she does have tracks that relay a woman’s more vulnerable side. The side that needs love and how a woman has a guy she feels so in tune with, that he can see right thru her, hence the name of the song. I appreciate this because I feel like sometimes, some of our successful women play the “I don’t need a man” card too much.   If anything Nicki reminds some of our,“Superwoman  I Don’t Need A Man”, sisters that those dead presidents, degrees, and certifications won’t keep you warm at night. All in all I’m not a fan of the many popish tracks on the album, but like I previously stated, I dig the girl power tracks like fly. This isn’t my type of sound but I can see how the unique sound of Miss harajuku Barbie propelled her into superstardom.. should have left remy alone though….. BODY BAG * tilts head back and laughs hysterically *

Lets talk about one of the Baddest Comic book Heroines you never heard of.  Introducing Angela Queen of Hel …at least for like a couple days.  Similar to Age of Ultron in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was a couple of weeks.  Initially she was an Angel bounty hunter from Heaven who was trained to directly battle and kill Spawn. If you all know Spawn, you know how hard it is to kill him.  Long story short, She failed, but was resurrected by the Angels to keep fighting the good fight.  This was her story before being sold to Marvel.

     Now With a new company, she also had new organ stories.  We all know Thor and Loki right?  Well did you know they had a long lost big sister.  “Aldrif Odinsdottir was the first born of Odin and Freyja, and heir to the Asgardian throne.”  When Heven waged war on Asgard, the Queen of Angels kidnapped Aldrif in an attempt to blackmail Odin into surrendering. He refused, and the Queen seemingly killed Aldrif before fleeing.  After the Queen of Angels ordered the corpse of the baby to be disposed, the queen’s handmaiden Loriel, who was tasked to do this, discovered it was still alive, and raised her as one of the Angels.  This Angel was renamed Angela.  She was raised as an Angel, who was wingless and mocked for this yet strong as she had Asgardian Blood.  Her powers are equivalent to Thor without the hammer, as she has superhuman speed, superhuman strength, a healing factor, superhuman durability, super human stamina, flight, ability to speak all languages in their realm and the ability to survive in space.  She has even teamed up with the Guardians of The Galaxy.  The Queen of Hel line comes from her short time in trying to get her lover, Sera back, who was exiled to Hel by the Angels.  The only way for her to free Sera was to become the queen herself. Angela then went through three trials and fought the current queen succeeding in her mission, she then fixed stuff and freed people and gave the throne to someone else leaving with her boo.  And yes Sera is a woman.  Like Nicki puts on for the women of hip hop, Angela puts on for the women of marvel.  Despite recent L’s Nicki is a force in Hip Hop, and came on the scene with something different and powerful.  Angela was left for dead, but through her strength, like Nicki,  if she wanted something, she went and got it  They both show that strength does not equal man and that a woman can hold her own and even overpower the men of their worlds. 

Youtube- Pink Friday x Nicki Minaj

Angela and Thor Take on the Guardians of the Galaxy

Art by : Annie Wu

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