Masking The Truth

“Reached into my mind for reflection, the truth is obscure in my perception” – The Hics-

  Over the years, I’ve notice something that I have dealt with in the past and something that my peers continue to deal with now.  Crazy thing about it is we all see it displayed all the time and expressed in many different ways, yet at the same time it doesn’t exist.  Happiness, though many are genuine when showing it, many of us wear it as a mask to hide some sort of truth. It’s crazy that I tried to avoid this post, but in the last couple of weeks things just reminded me Mask. I was playing Persona 5, a JRPG and the main theme of it was stealing hearts and being true to yourself. One of the ways they become true to themselves is by ripping off their mask and accepting who they are. We all know what a mask is but, picture how we hide behind things just to project happiness or false security to others. Have you ever noticed it in yourself or others?

Why We Wear This Mask

Many of us face problems, and that’s life, but this world runs heavily on perception. This same perception, I feel, handicap us at times and keep us from being true to ourselves. We want to be perceived in the most successful and positive light possible, and thus we create this false persona to keep the act going and the longer we keep the act going, we begin to become something we are not just to appease society and the others around us.  The mask fills a void of the things we are missing in life, and falsely gives us a sense of security, when deep down, it makes us long for those things even more. We where this masks because we feel that’s how others want to see us, and we hide how we really want to be seen. Thus the mask is a personification of all things we are influenced by and of things we influence.

   Types of Mask

   I’ve noticed that even after your school days and college days, there is still a competition going on between young adults that feed into the need to wear a mask. How many people do you know, live lifestyles that they cannot afford? I’ve even done it at times. Knowing I shouldn’t be buying drinks at the bar, when I’m barely getting by.   Trying to hide the fact that I am struggling by perceiving to be well off in the public eye. That mask of not showing anyone how you are really living your life is real.

   Or how about this one, you’re at an event with some one, and it’s ok, not all that, but you look at your snap chat and see the same person on the couch chilling hard, in a 6 second video of epic fun and lit expressions, trying to figure out when that part of the night happened. One mask people like to wear is one of “doing better” than most. In this social media age, it’s all about showing everyone how good your life is. We only want people to see the exciting moments of our life, which makes sense and is perfectly fine, but many hide behind these false senses of fulfillment.

      I have recently being seeing the need to fit in with perceived people of popularity. It can create an envy, or jealousy in some, which many hide in a mask by displaying a need to adapt to a personality that compliments those same people. What I mean by that is, people start to act out of their element in order to gain notice and acknowledgement to fill the void of wanting that popularity. We start to associate with people who may not even really care that you are there, or people we have no vibe with, but we feel in order to grow, we need to be connected to the “Plug” even if it means compromising who we are. I am all for networking as it can create some great opportunities and friendships, but once it starts to change you negatively or you start to astray from who you are, it can become very toxic. The feeling of being wanted is a natural one, so I do understand it, but we tend to show that want in the wrong ways.

Mask Off

Future came out at the right time. As young men and women growing up, it’s important to know that you need your mask off. Yes its important to be a certain way in certain situations, but it still should not compromise who you are. Staying true to yourself builds character and actually helps you obtain those goals that you put a mask on to reach. Me for an example, a long time ago I embraced the fact that I’m at a time in my life where I may not be making what I want. There is no need for me to show different, but better for me to show my grind and my determination to change the situation. When you focus on fixing the problem, instead of hiding it, the problem will go away eventually because you accepted it and took control. Being you will attract the right people to help your growth in life. Wearing mask to hide who you are will only attract people who don’t genuinely get you or people who feed into your insecurities, never allowing you to fulfill the things you truly want in life. Happiness I believe is a choice, and is something you create, but in trying to create that happiness, sometimes we create happiness out of the perceptions of others and not from what we really want. We take the bad things and hide them instead of facing them to achieve true happiness.   Take sometime away from people and re-evaluate the people around you, the things you are doing, and truly reflect on how you feel. Write down your dreams goals and life plan, and review it. Do they coincide with how you are living your life? Or are you wearing a mask to replace the things you haven’t obtained yet in fear of failure?

“Innocence lost, it’s never retained
It’s never the same, it’s never the same
Leave this world with some inspiration
I’ll take the bait before a pure of gold
Come to grips with your intuition
Hear the whispers of your soul
Steer you down the road you’re on
It’s all your own”

– Bas – Ricochet –

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